A pearl in the Indian Ocean


This site was set up to help the island resort gain more publicity, it is not the official site. As a traveller to the island in October 2006, i felt it my duty to assist the then owners to publicise this beautiful place and to help resurrect tourism after the Tsunami (which didnt directly affect the island).

The information on this site is based on information I gathered before and in October 2006 and is no longer accurate. We have had reports that all may not be as it seems under the new management and you can judge for yourself from the comments below. They have been verified by the tour agents we forwarded enquiries to and they have in fact asked us to remove their details.

Until such time as things improve, please dont rely on the information in this site, since things appear to have changed. There is also now an official website: www.newsikuaiisland.com

As soon as any other changes (positive) occur, the status quo remains



This gem of a video is by our good friend Dirshon, who has travelled these islands extensively. Thanks Dirshon (dnukman@aol.com )



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